NT-0208 雙速鏈條吊車 Electric Chain Hoist

取得 CE 歐盟認證,通過 SGS 拉力、受力、破壞測試合格認證

This machine is a two-speed steel cable crane. It is suitable for heavy machinery
structures, has a good lifting function, and uses electromagnetic brakes to make hanging
heavy objects safer.
Applicable to: mold factory, precision processing, food, chemical industries.
Have acquired CE certification, passed SGS tensile force, stress, and damage test and
acquired qualified certification.



By lifting the cargo up and down based on the two-speed function, the cargo can be
lifted slowly and stably. When the cable crane does not lift the goods, it can move
quickly and save time.
When the cable crane lifts the cargo exceeding the load limit, the load-limit clutch
will be opened to constrain the cargo from being lifted to protect the overload.


主機尺寸:43 x 38 x 43(cm)
電源規格:3Φ / 220v
荷重限制:單掛鍊條 1T / 雙掛鍊條 2T
鍊條昇降速度:單掛慢/快/米 10/2.5/1、雙掛慢/快/米 5/1.3/1
控制押扣線長度:3 米

Model: NT-0208
Size: 43 x 38 x 43(cm)
Power specifications: 3Φ / 220v
Load limit: single hanging wire rope 1T / double hanging wire rope 2T
Steel cable specification: 7*19 wire steel core
Cable lifting speed: 10 seconds (slow)/ 2.5 seconds (fast) / 1 meter when single
hanging, 5 seconds (slow)/ 1.3 seconds (fast) / 1 meter when double hanging
Steel cable wire length: 3 meters