KBK 手拉式1Ton輕型天車 Hand Pull 1 Ton Light Crane

KBK 輕型天車軌道 此為客製化產品,如需訂製特殊規格請致電本公司告知。

Easy to install, low noise, high efficiency and compact appearance.
Suitable for home warehousing, home maintenance rooms and other places.
Customized specifications.
KBK light cranes This is a customized product. If you need to order, please call our company


KBK 天車軌道,適用安裝於任何環境如:RC 樑、H 型構、平屋頂、斜屋頂。
X、Y、Z 方向可任意拉伸,節省定點時間、效率搬運。
成本經濟,當廠房新建或遷移廠房可自行 DIY 拆卸組裝。

It is suitable for installation in any environment such as: RC beam, H-shaped
structure, flat roof, inclined roof.
The X, Y, and Z directions can be stretched arbitrarily. It thus can save time in fixing
point and to carry goods efficiently.
It is cost-effective and easy to assemble and disassemble by DIY when build a new
plant or relocate a plant.